NEW LOCATION: 16 Loudoun Rd, Dalby !!!!

Nationally recognised specialist in radiators, air-conditioning and cooling systems.

Don't swelter in the heat! Come in and let us keep you and your vehicle cool this summer!

DALBY RADIATOR WORKS will supply and install new and reconditioned radiators, intercoolers and oil-coolers for all vehicles and machinery. We are the experts in radiators for all types of machinery, including high performance and reconditioned cars, trucks and tractors. An optimally designed and operating engine cooling system is essential for exceptional performance and increased life expectancy of any vehicle.

Your air-conditioning and heating systems also plays an important role on thermal comfort and safety in year round conditions. In addition to specialising in machinery radiators, we also provide all current vehicle heating and air-conditioning services and products available.

Our highly skilled and experienced cooling system technicians with over 20 year’s experience will carry out expert diagnosis, fitting, cleaning, repairs and more.

Bring your car into our Dalby workshop to ensure that you are getting the best performance out of your machinery’s heating and cooling systems.